The project team is pleased to release its report “BC Partners in Workforce Innovation: First Year in Review.” The report provides a background to the pilot project and a summary of its development and initial accomplishments during its first year of operations.

Since its launch on June 4th 2015, the project team has begun establishing partnerships with a growing number of employers in the Greater Vancouver region who have begun putting forward a range of exciting employment opportunities in the retail, food and beverage, hospitality, gaming, manufacturing and construction industries. It has also formed partnerships with diverse disability employment service agencies throughout the region who have qualified job seekers to fill these positions.

The report highlights how the project’s unique feature of facilitating these partnerships through the role of a Recruitment Specialist is demonstrating how such an approach can simultaneously support the needs of business in need of qualified employees and improve outcomes for people with disabilities.

As our partners are discovering, the impact of this demand-focused initiative can only be realized through the collaboration and engagement of diverse stakeholders who are committed to full inclusion for people with disabilities. To that end, we give credit for the project’s early successes to our committed employer partners, service agency partners, job seekers, their families, and the networks that support them.

By documenting the history, design, development, early successes and areas for future growth of BC WiN, it is our hope that the lessons learned from both our initial successes and challenges will not only lead to improvements in the pilot over the next two years, but more importantly, provide an important contribution to the broader conversation about how best to support employers in their quest to recruit from diverse, untapped sources of talent.

Read the full report here.