Through an intermediary Recruitment Specialist we connect employment demand with workforce supply

From now to beyond 2020, major recruitment across the province driven by attrition, business growth and expansion is anticipated to make it harder for BC employers to find good people.

This collaborative and innovative pilot forms partnerships with leading employers in industries with identified workforce shortages to hire people with disabilities. Starting first with employers in the Greater Vancouver region, we will work with employers and a network of local disability employment service agencies to streamline the recruitment process, making it easier to connect businesses to qualified, job ready candidates with diverse abilities.

This project is being managed and evaluated by the BC Centre for Employment Excellence.

Partner Testimonials

“London Drugs is thrilled to be part of the BC Partners in Workforce Innovation pilot further demonstrating our commitment to a more inclusive and diverse workforce. We see this as an opportunity to gain greater access to a largely untapped group of highly capable and qualified, potential new employees.”

Clint Mahlman, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, London Drugs

“BC WiN removed one of the greatest barriers we faced as an organization. Previously we had tried to partner with multiple organizations/agencies, which was not working well with our small recruitment team, our high volume of recruitment and the volume of agencies in the community. BC WiN acts as our lead recruitment source, and represent us in the community. This allows our jobs to be actively promoted to well over 100 social services agencies and other sources of diverse talent.” 

John Petherick, Manager of Recruitment Services, ICBC

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